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Approaching Linux kernel 2.6.27

Posted by Maciej Sołtysiak on September 27, 2008

In my last post about SLOC metrics, I measured it takes around 83 days for a new Linux kernel version to come up and right now I think we’re around a week from a new 2.6.27. Kernel 2.6.26 was released on 13 July 2008, so adding 83 days to that we get 10 October 2008 – that’s just next week!

With Linus releasing RC7 a week ago on 21st September, I think the release date will actually be as I predicted, but we’ll see about that. But that’s just one thing. I also forecasted that 2.6.27 will have 6,445 million lines of code – as opposed to 6,015 million lines of 2.6.26. That’s 300 thousand SLOC. Huge number, I personally find it hard to belive that it will be that much, but hey, the numbers said so last time I checked. I haven’t been checking the size of the recent RCs so it’ll be nice for me to check it out once 2.6.27 hits the repository. Anyway stay tuned as I’ll be posting new metrics for the 2.6.27 when it gets here 🙂 Which is soon!


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